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In the Netherlands, Queen's Day on XXX April turns the whole country into a giant flea market and festival for a day. Having just bought a Polaroid magazine for my middle format camera, I went out and sold instant portraits in central Rotterdam on Queen's Day MMVI. The idea was simple: using the technology of Polaroid films that produce both a positive and a negative, one could sell an instant portrait and keep the negative for a future print. In the following year I showed up with a large format camera and larger images. In MMVIII I worked worked together with Philipp Reichmuth. Every time, people loved it. Each year, film ran out long before the day was over.

On Queen's Day MMX, I made the most recent and the last pictures for this series, in combination with a preview exhibition of ten prints in Gallerie Hommes. An exhibition of the complete series in planned in the same gallery on Queen's day MMXI.

Meanwhile, the production of Polaroid 55 film which comes with a positive and a negative has ended. You CAN still get instant positive film from Fuji and from the Impossible Project! - But the material with a negative is gone. for the time being, this series is complete, unless a brave soul revives the a peel-apart film with a negative.

Samuli Schielke and Philipp Reichmuth at work in
Van Oldenbarneveldtstraat, Rotterdam XXX April MMVIII

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Lith print from Polaroid 55 negative
(c) Philipp Reichmuth and Samuli Schielke